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The new details of Pixel 4 XL reveal an iPhone feature coming to new Google phones

A few days back we shared some details on Google Pixel 4XL, including new information on Face Unlock and smooth display. The latter is the name of Google for the 90Hz speed to which the Pixel 4 XL screen will be updated. This will make the screen scroll very smooth while improving the experience of… Read More »

10 Best YouTube Downloader for PC [2019]

Watching YouTube videos on your PC is probably one of the favorite things for many people since it has many HD videos that offer wonderful visual experiences. But how to download videos from YouTube remains a problem, since YouTube does not provide a simple download step. So, in this article, I have compiled the 10… Read More »

Samsung Once Again Reveals An Industry For The First Time With Its New Mobile Image Sensor

Samsung today announced a new 43.7 MP (7968 × 5480) mobile image sensor, ISOCELL Slim GH1. Using what the company calls ISOCELL Plus technology, the sensor is the first to operate with 0.7 μm pixels. This is the obvious smallest pixel size in the industry and continues innovative forms of Samsung in this space; The… Read More »

iOS 13.1 Brings The Controversial CPU Throttling Feature On The iPhone 2018

Apple is proud of its customer-first philosophy, but the company’s practices are not always in line with it, or at least it does not seem so for outsiders. Over the years Apple has gone through all sorts of disputes, but probably the biggest was in 2017 when it was discovered that Apple reduces the maximum… Read More »

Samsung Will Offer Galaxy Fold Owners A One-Time Break On A Screen Replacement

The Samsung Galaxy Fold will be re-launched in the US on September 27th. About five months have passed since the original launch date of the folding phone on April 26th. You probably already know the whole story. Several influencers have ignored the warnings that Samsung has included in its review units to not remove the… Read More »

Top 5 Best Free Rooting Apps for Android Phone or Tablet

Android may be the best-selling operating system on mobile phones, but it also has limitations. Before finding out, I would have searched the Internet for complete control on your Android phone. In many articles and forums, you may have found the word “rooting” and wondering what exactly it is, or if it’s worth rooting your… Read More »

Google Assistant Gets A New Sensitivity Option, It No Longer Saves Recordings By Default

Earlier this month, Google admitted that it had hired language experts, who listen and transcribe the assistant’s voice recordings, to help the company better understand certain languages. The research giant revealed that these linguistic experts examine only about 0.2 percent of all audio fragments and that these voice recordings are not associated with user accounts… Read More »

Some Pixel Users Are Locked Out Of Their Phones Due To A Nasty Error

It appears that some Pixel users have a problem with a PIN error on the lock screen that does not recognize the correct PIN and sends them back to the lock screen continuously. Device owners have posted complaints on the Pixel Phone help page. The error was detected in the Pixel XL models, but there… Read More »

Is The Reverse Wireless Charging Hardware Found Inside The New iPhone Or Is It Something Else?

For months we listen to the drum again and again in our heads; The new Apple iPhone 2019 would have had reverse wireless charging. Offered for the first time in the Huawei Mate 20 Pro (which claimed that smartphone innovation is dead, just moved to China), reverse wireless charging allows phone owners to use the… Read More »

5 Ways To Transfer Files From iPhone To Mac Without iTunes

Sometimes we find the situation of transferring our files from iPhone to Mac, for example, your device shouts “Storage almost full” because it has archived so many multimedia files that you have to move some of them to your Mac. Fortunately for iOS users, it’s very easier to transfer files from iPhone to Mac than… Read More »

Huawei Reversal: The Bootloader Will Remain Locked On The Mate 30 Line

Richard Yu, CEO of the Huawei consumer group, originally told Android Authority that the manufacturer had planned to allow the release of the bootloader on the recently announced Mate 30 line, which could have brought the experienced owners of Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro to search for ROMs that include Google apps and flashes… Read More »

Qualcomm Could Present Its Next-Generation Flagship Chip On September 24th

According to a report from Japan, next Tuesday Qualcomm will make an announcement and it is assumed that the chip designer will present the Snapdragon 865 mobile platform. It is expected to be within the high-end Android devices next year, the new Samsung chipset will be produced using its EUV process at 7 nm. The… Read More »

7 Best Websites to Convert AVI to MP4 Free [2019]

There are many different video formats, a free video converter is essential software. The best video converters are easy to use and can handle a wide variety of different file types. There are various reasons why you might want to convert a file to a different format. You may want to play a specific video… Read More »