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What is TWCU.exe? How to Remove or Fix TWCU.exe

TWCU.exe is an executable program file that is part of the TP-LINK Wireless Utility program. It is developed by TP-LINK. TP-LINK Wireless Utility program is a configuration program used to successfully run wireless adapters. At times, Windows users face problems with this file. We will into the details of different errors related to the TWCU.exe […]

What is Imf.exe? How to Remove or Fix Imf.exe?

Imf.exe is an executable program file associated with IOBit Malware Fighter. IOBit Malware is a security scanner software program for the Windows operating systems. The IoBit Malware Fighter is meant for detecting and removing adware, malware, spyware, trojans, bots, etc. Very rarely, the imf.exe file also gets infected by malware. (Doctors are also prone to […]

What is Distnoted.exe? How to Remove or Fix Distnoted.exe

Distnoted.exe is an executable program file that is developed by Apple Inc. It is part of the ‘Apple Application Support 32-bit’ program. This program is part of the Apple iTunes program. Sometimes, the distnoted.exe file gets malware-infected. What is Apple Application Support (32-bit)? Apple Application Support (32-bit) is a program that is installed automatically when […]