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How to Reset Network Settings in iPhone (iOS 13)

If you have not updated your iPhone or iPad to iOS 13 then you must do it immediately. iOS 13 brings a lot more features on iPhone and iPad that you can enjoy. It will make your life more easy on the go. Almost 50% of the people have upgraded to iOS 13 to enjoy […]

What Does Reset Network Settings Do (Android/iOS) 2020

People are too much confused regarding reset network settings options in Android and iPhone/iPad. There are basically 3 options in every phone. Reset settings, Reset all settings and Reset network settings are 3 options which you can use for different purpose. Reset settings is a soft reset where your data doesn’t get deleted but settings […]

Why Does My iPhone Wi-Fi Keeps Disconnecting by itself

Few of you must have encountered a situation where your iPhone Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting by itself. You have to connect to a wireless network again manually. People also toggle Wi-Fi option to connect again to their network. You can also toggle Airplane mode to connect to a known Wi-Fi network automatically. “iPhone Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting […]

Why Does My iPhone Wi-Fi Automatically Turns ON by itself

Many iPhone users are reporting that their Wi-Fi automatically turns ON by itself. The automatic turning ON of Wi-Fi causes a great amount of battery drain specially for old iPhone users. Wi-Fi turns on automatically even after iPhone users are turning it off from Control centre given on iPhone. The last thing you need to […]

Fix Why Does My Android Wi-Fi Keeps Turning ON by Itself

Android Wi-Fi networks create a lot of problem on many devices because of different settings provided by different manufacturers. Many Android users have reported that their Android phone keeps turning ON by itself. If your Android keep turning ON by itself then it will become a headache as your Wi-Fi will keep connecting to open […]

Fix Android Doesn’t Automatically Connect to Wi-Fi

We like to save secured wireless networks on our Android phones and tablets. We mainly save networks so that we can get connected to wireless networks when it’s in range. We don’t have to go to Wi-Fi settings and manually connect to the Wi-Fi Network. People have different networks at office, home or other places. […]

Fix Android Wi-Fi Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnecting

You must have encountered a situation where your Android Wi-Fi keeps dropping Wi-Fi connection. It’s really annoying when Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting and reconnecting to wireless networks on its own. You may experience this situation very frequently on Android phones. You must have restarted your phone many times in order to fix the issue. Many people […]