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It Is Said That A Variant Of Surface Pro 7 Has A Support Of ARM Chips, 4G LTE Connectivity

On October 2, Microsoft will hold a new product event and we hope to see the software giant introduce the next version of its premium tablet with Windows, Surface Pro 7. Until now, the biggest loss involved the supposed Surface Pro 7 configurations. All the models listed were powered by the tenth generation Intel Core… Read More »

The Largest Smartphone Market In The World Will Have A Party Next Year And Apple Will Be Late

Just like when 4G LTE connectivity was launched, Apple is skipping the first wave of next-generation wireless services. Although this may not be a problem in the US where it is not expected that the 5G service across the country will be launched until the middle of next year, is a problem in China. Reports… Read More »

Huawei Mate X Will Be Launched By September With Android Installed, Says Huawei’s Exec

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was postponed a few days before its launch on April 26 and a new release date has not yet been announced. It seems that this is the perfect opportunity for Huawei to approach and launch its Mate X to absorb all the media attention that comes with the launch of a… Read More »

T-Mobile Legere Explains Why The U.S. Need Approval For The Merger With Sprint

The weekend is coming and we are still waiting for an official announcement on the alleged acquisition of Boost Mobile from Dish Network for over $6 billion. The transaction should help Dish to create a new national competitor that will face Verizon, AT & T and New T-Mobile. Once the agreement is announced, we expect… Read More »

FCC Vote Next Month Could Lead To A Faster 5G Version In The States

In order to accelerate the implementation of the 5G service nationally in the U.S., the FCC said yesterday it will vote next month on a plan that would allow the agency to auction off part of the mid-band spectrum. To allow the execution of this auction, the FCC would eliminate the requirement that unused airwaves… Read More »

Samsung Executives Discuss Investing In 6G, AI And Blockchain Technology

We just started taking the first steps of what will be a long walk to get global 5G networks up and running. That is the reason why U.S. President Donald Trump was ridiculed in February when he called for the U.S. to start implementing 6G technology as soon as possible. 5G networks will offer speeds… Read More »

New smartwatch has ECG and heart rate monitor for a fraction of the price of Apple Watch

The breaking feature of the Apple Watch 4 series was the electrocardiogram (ECG), monitor. This looks for abnormalities in heart rhythms and can help detect atrial fibrillation (AFib); This condition can lead to blood clots, strokes and can be fatal. The Apple Watch monitor has already been credited with saving a few lives, just like… Read More »