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Sprint’s Alleged Misconduct Could Condemn The Proposed Merger With T-Mobile

In 2017, T-Mobile spent $7.99 billion to get 31MHz low-bandwidth spectrum for FCC auction bids. The 600MHz spectrum won by T-Mobile has been and remains important for its current plans. Low-band waves travel farther than medium and high-band waves and can even penetrate buildings better. Since getting this spectrum, T-Mobile has used it to improve… Read More »

Did You Know That There Are Six States That Support The T-Mobile-Sprint Merger?

With the support of the Justice Department (DOJ) and FCC president Ajit Pai, I would have thought the $ 26.5 billion T-Mobile-Sprint merger would be completed. But a lawsuit brought by 16 general prosecutors and the Washington D.C. AG that tries to block the transaction will not be processed until December 9th. While T-Mobile and… Read More »

DOJ Approves The T-Mobile-Sprint Merger But There Is Still One Thing Unexplained

The $26.5 billion merger of T-Mobile-Sprint is now so close to becoming a reality that investors are throwing money on the shares of both companies. The US Department of Justice (DOJ) approved the deal, which it did not when AT&T agreed to pay $39 billion for T-Mobile in 2011. Even the regulatory agency told the… Read More »

Verizon Will Expand The Coverage Of The 5G Network In Two New Locations In The US

A day later T-Mobile revealed exactly where it will launch its 5G services, Verizon announced new details on its 5G network coverage. Right now, Big Red has activated the 5G service switch in just two cities in the US, Chicago, and Minneapolis. Obviously, the 5G service will only be available in some areas of these… Read More »

Dish Could Help The Merger Of T-Mobile And Sprint Without Spending A Penny

The 2013 acquisition battle between SoftBank and Dish Network to win Sprint’s hand was a drama. Finally, SoftBank won and now the company owns 80% of the fourth largest carrier in the U.S. Six years from now on, Sprint is involved in another merger with some more twists and turns. While 13 state attorneys general… Read More »

Sprint 5G Network Coverage Map: Which Cities are Covered?

Sprint launched its True 5G Network toward the finish of May 2019 and in light of the fact that it uses mid-band spectrum as the basic innovation for the system, it has been the option to offer the widest 5G coverage of all US transporters at launch. In contrast, rivals Verizon Wireless and AT&T depend… Read More »