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Qualcomm Executive Confirms That He Is Sending Chips To Huawei

Labeled as a threat to national security in the States, Huawei has been included in the List of Entities of the US Department of Commerce. Mid-May As a result, the Chinese manufacturer was unable to access its US supply chain. Since it cost him the opportunity to overtake Samsung to become the largest phone manufacturer… Read More »

Huawei Off The Table During US-China Trade Talks

In mid-May, the US Department of Commerce included the Chinese phone manufacturer Huawei in the entity list and banned it in its US supply chain. Although this was done for security purposes (Huawei is considered a threat to national security in the US because the Chinese communist government could ask it to gather information), it… Read More »

Huawei Mate 30 And Mate 30 Pro Will Be Unveiled On September 19th

Huawei went to its official Twitter account today to announce that it will present the Mate 30 series on September 19th. We recently told you that software development president Wang Chenglu had leaked that date on Hi-tech.mail. Mate 30 Pro will be the manufacturer’s most advanced non-folding phone launched this year and, under normal circumstances,… Read More »

The US Remains Stuck In The Release Of Special Licenses That Allow Companies To Supply Huawei

On May 16, Huawei was included in the list of entities of the US Department of Commerce. This means that US companies that sell parts and software to the Chinese manufacturer cannot do so without receiving a license from the US government. Immediately, companies like Google, Qualcomm, Intel, and Micron stated that they had established… Read More »

According to Reports, Google is about to deliver a knockout blow to Huawei

In what could be a blow to Huawei, today Reuters reports that Google will suspend any business with Huawei, except for hardware as well as software operations which are covered by open source licenses. This means that Huawei will immediately lose access to Android updates and the next set of Huawei phones will not be… Read More »