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Sprint’s Alleged Misconduct Could Condemn The Proposed Merger With T-Mobile

In 2017, T-Mobile spent $7.99 billion to get 31MHz low-bandwidth spectrum for FCC auction bids. The 600MHz spectrum won by T-Mobile has been and remains important for its current plans. Low-band waves travel farther than medium and high-band waves and can even penetrate buildings better. Since getting this spectrum, T-Mobile has used it to improve… Read More »

T-Mobile Asks Court to Clear the Sprint Merger

The only thing that seems to delay the $26.5 billion merger of T-Mobile and Sprint at the moment is a lawsuit filed by 16 attorneys general and Washington DC AG seeking to block the transaction on the grounds that it is anti-competitive and will cost residents of their states over $4.5 billion in additional costs… Read More »

T-Mobile-Sprint And States Seeking To Block The Merger Are Miles Away After Preliminary Talks

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has already signed the $26.5 billion T-Mobile-Sprint merger and FCC will vote in favor of the merger in the coming days. Therefore, the only thing that is really delaying the agreement from closure is a lawsuit filed by 15 state attorneys general and the Washington D.C. Attorney General, who… Read More »

Dish In Talks To Buy Boost, $6 Billion Deal Could Allow T-Mobile-Sprint Merger

This week could be a very important one for the $26.5 billion for the merge of T-Mobile and Sprint. With the approval of FCC under the hood, the Department of Justice will sign off on the transaction later this week. The DOJ has been against the deal from the beginning, fearing that by reducing the… Read More »