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How to Partition a Hard Drive in Windows [No Formatting]

The computer is the sensational device of the new era with the parallel speed of an accelerated world. In this digital age, computer peripherals such as motherboard, ROM, RAM, and hard disks play their main role and assembling these devices is simpler than ever, doing wonders even with the partition of hard drives. Experts and… Read More »

Top 12 Best Free Video Calling Apps for Windows 2018

When thinking about a Video Call Program, the first name that emerges is Skype. This service, which was born in 2003, is the most widely used application for video conferencing on the Internet. Regardless of the device used, be it a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone, or where you are, this application allows you… Read More »

12 Best Antivirus for Windows 2018 ( Clean Your Desktop PC )

Microsoft offers a free antivirus with the latest versions of Windows and works as a target. However, full anti-malware protection requires a third-party antivirus. In this list, we will find the best antivirus programs for Windows PCs (XP / 7/8/10). In the paid versions, the security suites include licenses for all devices. It does not… Read More »

Windows: Install Active Directory Users and Computers

The management of the Active Directory directory service is an important part of the Microsoft administration process, many companies have implemented an Active Directory that allows the administration of users, computers, groups, and permissions within a domain. Its administration is quite simple, but it can be simplified even more. This is essential to become familiar with the various tools that are provided… Read More »